The First Foggy Post

Foggy Frisco

Foggy Frisco

At a loss for words, we are contemplating what we will bring to this blog. The opportunities are endless, and we are all thinking of what this next year will bring. Many of us are unfortunately absent, so all our voices are not being heard as of now, but this will hopefully change in due time.

The point of this space is for us to express our experiences that are happening throughout every day of our daily lives as Freshmen students here in San Francisco. Some are moving towards the more narrative side of film, that will surely feature landscapes throughout the bay area. Others are moving towards the documentary side, featuring the people and places of San Fran.

Many are trying to also focus on the Independent Film scene here in San Francisco. This includes interviewing filmmakers, and watching Independent Films throughout the many Independent venues that are scattered throughout the area.

Stay tuned…..


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