My Intro

Hello World,

My names Reece and I am a freshman at USF.  I am extremely interested and involved in film.  I have started my own film career as a producer already by initiating the process of creating my own production company and have 2 shorts and a feature on my resume along with involvement in a weekly news program.  I am looking to transfer from USF after this to USC, UCLA, LMU, or Chapman for film; which is a very high aspiration but i believe i will be able to achieve it.  I love all types of films and can talk about movies, the movie business, or film techniques forever.  I will try and post one of my shorts, probably my first, for you to see and please i encourage reviews.


One Response to “My Intro”

  1. This is very cool. do I always access the link through facebook? I’ll stay tuned.

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