The Exploratorium

As seen by Caitlin.

When I read in the syllabus that we would take a trip the exploratorium, I did not quite understand why we would be going for a film class. I had never been to the exploratorium, but I did have a basic understanding as to what it was all about. Nonetheless, the exploratorium ended up being an eye opening experience, allowing us a new perspective of film and film making.

When we got into the exploratorium (for free!) we were all shuffled into the small theater by the entrance to view films with the film curator there, Liz Keim. Ms. Keim picked a wealth of films for us to view. All of the films explored the limits of human perception using various film techniques to see things in a different way from the naked human eye. There were multiple films from San Francisco, which were appropriate for our course, and a few others that were purely magical. The films were an example of the many things film and the camera lens can do and see that we as humans cannot. As we were watching these films I began to understand why we had come to the exploratorium. Not only did we get to meet Liz Keim, a great resource and interesting woman, but we were exploring another usage of film, as science. The art of film making explores and utilizes the properties of physics and uses the laws of physics in one’s favor as a filmmaker is a great resource, especially in the independent film making spectrum.

A group of us spent a couple more hours exploring the exploratorium. And we played like it was 1995. I wished it was 1995, so I could have been five and run around playing. If I had been to the exploratorium when I was five maybe I would have grown up liking science more! Nonetheless, here is a cute picture of a boy enjoying his time.


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