Lucy and Elles Intro…

GREETINGS. We are Lucy and Elle, roomates who fell in love at first sight.

HI. Im Lucy Rachel Aldridge.  I am originally from England, but I have lived in Los Angeles for the past 8 years.  I am currently a freshman at USF.  Even though I am not a media studies major, I am in the Independent Film Class because I really enjoy movies, especially independent.  For the past two years I have been to Sundance Film Festival, which is what really started my curiosity in independent films.

Ahhhhh heyyy, I’m Elle Dailey.  I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and made the trip to San Francisco because I love the city more than any other. I am a freshman at USF and will probabbbllyy stay here. I have always been interested in films, especially independent, and am really happy to be seeing a bunch of awesome films all throughout San Francisco. The Independent Film Class is very interesting…and really fun. I look forward to learning about and seeing many more films this semester!



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