I can tell that we are going to be friends

First off, my name is Caroline Kangas and I’m from Mercer Island, WA but we’ll just round that up to Seattle.  I love Seattle, and although I had only been to San Francisco very briefly before moving here, I felt a lot of new energy here that, although it reminded me of Seattle, excited me for something new.  I am Undeclared here at USF, so if you have advice on choosing your major, feel free to share.  When it comes to this class, I simply know that I love movies, especially excellent stories that take a look at the basic format in a different way. Although I don’t plan on making any movies, I have participated in some of my friends’ projects and consider myself a professional appreciator of film.  My favorite movies span from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to High Fidelity, and from Ratatouille to Two Days in Paris, but of course those are the ones popping into my head right now. Since I love stories so much, you can expect to hear a bit more from me some stories from SF filmmakers, independent venue managers, and the like. Independent cinema requires such passion and creativity that I can only see interesting things coming out of these peoples’ mouths.

i'm on the right. among other things, i also love chocolate.

i'm on the right. : )


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