Anna’s Introduction

  Hello my name is Anna Karabachev. (The one of the left.)

I am a freshman at USF, even though I am an english major I have always been interested in film. That is my main reason for wanting to be a part of The Independent Cinema in San Francisco class. I love the city and film, therefore got two things I loved with one class. 

   I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, each summer or break my family and I travel to many places, including: Peru, Ecuador, Spain, Bulgaria and many more. Basically, I love going to as many countries as I can and learning different things from each.                

   I have many passions, which are all part of the arts. My first love at a very young age was ballet.          I was trained in a program called Royal Academy Of Dance for thirteen years. It is a very difficult program that includes yearly test. These tests are performed with only three other people in the room, including the examiner that comments on every move the dancer makes.

  My next passion is music, which I can’t go anywhere without.  I listen to mostly everything, except country is difficult for my ears to handle. I am constantly looking for new and old bands that I haven’t heard of. Concerts are also very enjoyable to me. 

The last one is acting. I competed throughout high school through the debate team in acting. I did all sorts of humorous, dramatic, improvisation and duo pieces. That is another reason I wanted to be a part of the film class. It is important to me to see acting in a different way. I feel I have already seen many different aspects within the short period of this class.

 In conclusion, I am happy with the move from Las Vegas to San Francisco. Even though, I do miss home. The city and the school offer so much to people of every walk of life. I am glad to be here and thankful to have these opportunities.


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