Not the Exploratorium but Tea at The Japanese Tea Garden.

Anna Karabachev



            I was unfortunately sick during the field trip to the Exploratorium. Instead I took a weekend of rest and went to The Japanese Tea Garden.  I thought it would be good way to recover.            It is very tranquil and offers my favorite Jasmine tea. All of this served while looking at the incredible still gardens.   This is a place that I would go, in order to get away from the hustle bustle of the city and enjoy a quiet morning. I love places that seem to rejuvenate me, even when I am sick. Just sitting in the garden sipping tea helped me to relax and feel better. 

    I sat down right by the water and ordered a Jasmine Tea.  The tea was wonderful and came with sweet and spicy crackers and biscuits.   I lost track of time while I was there and ended up staying for almost two hours. 

   I am disappointed I wasn’t able to go with the class to the Exploratorium, however I am very glad I was able to relax and enjoy tea at The Japanese Tea Garden. I was amazed that from being sick all week what a little tea and a beautiful garden could do.


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