para explorar

Last week, i was fortunate enough to go to the exploratorium for the first time.  As a class we saw many short films in 16mm, that were made by local filmmakers.  I was not especially impressed by these films.  I appreciated them for what they were (independent filmmakers using their creative ability), and would encourage people to pursue this type of filmmaking if it was their passion.  I really enjoyed this new experience with a different type of filmmaking.

The best part of this excursion was getting into the exploritorium for absolutely nothing.  This place is like the epitomy of every childs dream times 1000000000.  I had to resist the urge to run around and touch everything at once.  God forbid a child should have ADD and go there, i think they might explode from sensory overload.  If anyone is making the excursion to the exploritorium i will be happy to accompany you.





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